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  • Parking Garages: Do I really need a Bumper Guard?

    Big cities like New York City have parking garage facilities just about every block. This may be looked at as a good thing, since street parking is more difficult to come by. If you drive a car into New York City you are almost forced to park in a parking garage, at a cost of upwards of $40 dollar for the day. We are captive audiences for the parking garages and we pay because we have no choice. In addition to high prices, parking garages also have a reputation for damaging cars - minor fender benders, door dings and scraps/scratches to the bumpers. Bumper guards and bumper protectors can help reduce the risk of unintended damage by blocking impacts and taking the abuse.

    A case in point is the wrap around style bumper guards that give your bumper 360degree bumper protection. Without a parking guard your car is at risk. I used to think like most people that giving the attendant a tip of $1 will ensure my cars safety. Boy was I wrong. At the time I was going to school in the City and commuting back and forth. By the time I finished school my car's bumper looked like swiss cheese, a gash here, a scratch there.

  • Parking Garage Nightmares

    I clearly remember the worst day of my life, as it revisits me each time I wax my car. It was during the month of August that I had a date with a long time crush. We planned to go to dinner and a Broadway show. I was driving my new BMW 3 series coupe [...]

  • Wacky Bumper Protection Products

    New York is known as the fashion capital of the world and this holds true for bumper guards too. Bumper protectors are in vogue and the attached pictures show some wacky bumper guards caught on the streets of New York. With parking spots in short supply, people have come up with all kinds of clever [...]

  • NYC Parking Garage Tips

    There are various parking garages to select from, some are valet and others are self park. In urban centers like New York City the valet parking garage is predominant everywhere. Tight parking restrictions on the streets almost forces you to park in an over priced parking garage to avoid a ticket. With so many parking [...]



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