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Can I drive with Parking Armor bumper protector attached?

No, never operate and or drive a vehicle with the ParkingArmor car bumper protector outside your vehicle. Our car bumper protector was designed for use on a parked vehicle only. Before deploying the ParkingArmor rear bumper guard make sure that the vehicle ignition is in the off position. Driving with the ParkingArmor rear bumper protector outside vehicle may result in serious injury and damage to your vehicle. Always return ParkingArmor to vehicle's trunk prior to operating a vehicle. Failure to follow instructions may result in serious injury or death.

Is the Parking Armor bumper protector weather proof?

The ParkingArmor car bumper protector is covered in a waterproof material, so it’s okay to use outdoors.
Do not submerge in water, as water may enter in areas around stitching.

Will the Parking Armor bumper guard protect my car bumper from damage?

Using our bumper protector may help minimize scratches and dings to the rear bumper during low impact parking manuevers (1mph or less). The ParkingArmor rear bumper protector is not a structural component and will not contribute to vehicle crashworthiness or occupant safety during rear end collisions. Product was designed and intended for a parked vehicle. Our car bumper guard is the biggest and widest product currently available, so it will protect more of the bumper. For best results regularly clean your car bumper guard to remove any dirt and clean car bumper surface.

Will the Parking Armor bumper protector fit my vehicle? Are there exceptions?

The ParkingArmor car bumper protector is not recommended for some vehicles with rear exit exhaust pipes. Keep the rear bumper protector away from vehicle’s exhaust pipes. Do not use the ParkingArmor bumper guard if it may cover or block the vehicle’s exhaust system. A hot exhaust pipe will damage the car bumper guard. Please see our new fit guide for the latest recommendations.

How do I clean and care for my bumper protector?

For best results regularly wash the bumper guard - it should always be free of dirt and debris. A mild soap and water is okay. A soft car wash brush will make cleaning your bumper protector quick and easy. You can also use a damp lint free towel.

How do I store my new bumper protector?

Unlike the rubber mat parking protectors, our bumper guard will not crease or crack in cold weather. For easy storage you can lay our bumper protector flat in the trunk or roll it up like a yoga mat. Note: Placing heavy suitcases and objects on top of the ParkingArmor car bumper guard may cause the product to bend out of shape temporarily, remember foam has memory. If left alone the foam will return to its original conformation.

How do I attach my bumper protector?

- Clean bumper surface from dirt and debris
- Center the bumper protector on the bumper. Position away from exhaust pipes.


- Attach Velcro straps to trunk carpeting and close trunk lid
- Always return bumper guard to trunk before operating or driving vehicle

Please reference the car bumper protector online instructions for more detailed information.

What should I do, the Velcro straps will not stick to my trunk carpet?

Some vehicle makes like Nissan, Toyota and Lexus have rear carpet mats that must be lifted. The Velcro will not stick to these mats, but will stick to the carpet beneath.

The Velcro on the straps ends may not stick to all carpet types. If this happens you can use the two extra Velcro tabs provided. The extra sticky tabs will not stick to carpet - so find a smooth, hard surface. Alternatively, if there is a spare tire compartment you can drop the straps into the compartment and lower the lid on the straps. The weight of the lid will sometimes be enough to hold the straps.

What is the return policy? Do I need a Return Authorization #?

If not satisfied with the purchase, you may return the product for a refund within 15 days of receipt, minus initial shipping cost. Also buyer is responsible for return shipping. To return a product, please contact for RMA# and return instructions. Product must be returned in new / resalable condition. Damaged or dirty products will not be refunded.

When will my bumper protector arrive? What shipping carrier do you use?

Orders are usually processed the same or the following business day. We ship using UPS ground. Delivery time may vary depending on location. For NY and tri-state area 1-3 business days.

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