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  • Parking Garage Nightmares

    I clearly remember the worst day of my life, as it revisits me each time I wax my car. It was during the month of August that I had a date with a long time crush. We planned to go to dinner and a Broadway show. I was driving my new BMW 3 series coupe with approx. 3,500 miles clocked and I was feeling good. It seemed like the perfect evening - I had my new car, a cute girl and an evening planned for fun and adventure. Little did I know that this night would become a parking nightmare. I decide early in the evening that I would try and find street parking, and if that failed I would find a local parking garage.

    After having my previous cars scratched in parking garages, I try to avoid them whenever possible. Turns out my night started off on a lucky note, since I easily found a parking spot on 42nd between 6th and 7th avenue, only a block away from the broadway show. The parking spot was perfect, it was one and half car lengths allowing me more then enough maneuverability and there was a hydrant behind me. After the show I could not wait to get back to my awesome BWM. The night was young and my date was going great. As I approached my vehicle, I could see that my car was sandwiched between two SUVs, a Honda Pilot and a Toyota Highlander. The Toyota was parked illegally and right up my car's bumper. I quickly assessed the situation and realized my car was wedged into the spot with 1-2" on either side. As I looked closely at my bumper, I could clearly see screw marks and a 1" scar in the paint. Funny thing is that I was considering purchasing a bumper guard a few days earlier, but decided that I did not need it. All the while my date was watching me intently wondering why I was examining my car. At this point there was nothing I could do. I could not wait around until the two SUVs moved. Without any options, I rocked my car back and forth tapping the vehicle forward and aft until I could pull out. This is my parking nightmare.

    If you have any parking nightmare stories you would like to share. Avoid parking nightmares and get a bumper protector. Bumper protection will help reduce the risk of parking related bumps and bruises.


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