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How to install ParkingArmor

Installing ParkingArmor products on your vehicle are easy. Once installed you simply flip ParkingArmor in and out of your trunk when you park, giving you the rear bumper protection your vehicle needs. ParkingArmor is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Always store your ParkingArmor in the trunk when driving. Prior to purchasing make sure you select the correct size ParkingArmor for your vehicle, using our Fit Guide. Installation instructions, including alternative installation solutions, for all sizes of ParkingArmor can be found below.

ParkingArmor Installation Instructions
Step 1

Step 1

Open your trunk and attach the Velcro end of the straps to the carpet lining.*

*Please Note – If the Velcro straps do not attach to your trunk lining please follow the alternative instructions below.

Step 2

Step 2

Center Parking Armor on the rear bumper and adjust straps as needed. Product should always be positioned above the rear exhaust pipes. DO NOT USE product if it may come in contact or block vehicle's exhaust pipes.

Step 3

Step 3

Before driving store ParkingArmor flat inside trunk (NEVER drive and/or operate vehicle with product attached). ParkingArmor is designed to be used on parked vehicles only.

Alternative Instructions

If velcro straps do not stick to the trunk carpet, use the (2) extra velcro stickers provided. You can mount the velcro to any hard plastic surface inside the trunk. Product straps can then attach here. Never attach Velcro stickers to trunk carpet.



DNever drive or operate vehicle with ParkingArmor outside/attached to the vehicle. Do not use product if it may come in contact with or block vehicle’s exhaust. Failure to follow instructions may result in serious injury and/or vehicle damage. notice: some states prohibit covering license plates when parked. Check your local laws before purchasing.

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