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    Rear Bumper Protection

ParkingArmor 3.6

parking armor 3.6

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parking armor 4.2

ParkingArmor 4.8

parking armor 4.8

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Parking Armor Rear Bumper Protection

Parking Armor is engineered to flex around the contours of a car bumper for superior fit and maximum bumper protection.

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Layers of Protection

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Weather Resistant

Despite what most people think, not all bumper guards are alike. Parking Armor is made of an industrial coated material, resistant to rain, snow and sleet. Parking Armor is all about quality and stays flexible even in the coldest weather.


Safety reflectors

Using only the best quality materials, ParkingArmor incorporates a full-length, high intensity reflector, which yields better illumination and provides increased vehicle visibility when parked on dark roads or during emergency stops.


Impact Foam

The extra thick 2" high-density foam core is lightweight and perfect for cushioning parking bumps.


Turtle Tough

Parking Armor has a durable weather-resistant exterior, similar to that of a turtle's shell, protecting it from the elements. With a unique micro textured coating, ParkingArmor is resistant to not only the elements, but to dirt and debris build up as well.


Dual Impact Pads

ParkingArmor is equipped with an added layer of impact protection, soft foam rubber impact cushions in strategic locations on the back of the product. The impact pads provide an added cushioned surface between the product and the bumper, best able to absorb the impact from minor parking bumps.