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  • NYC Parking Garage Tips

    There are various parking garages to select from, some are valet and others are self park. In urban centers like New York City the valet parking garage is predominant everywhere. Tight parking restrictions on the streets almost forces you to park in an over priced parking garage to avoid a ticket. With so many parking garages to choose from the question remains how to select the best parking garage facility. When parking in a parking garage the price is relative to the location. Parking garages that are close to tourist attractions generally charge more and are much busier than the parking garage a few blocks away.

    Deciding which parking garage to park-in often comes down to convenience, not price. When parking in any parking garage beware that parking specials are often day and time specific, so do not be lured in by the cheap rates (READ THE SIGN CAREFULLY). Most parking garages have early bird specials and evening specials. You should also note that parking garages add an 18% tax on top of the price advertised, so always ask the attendant how much for the day? or how much for the 1 hour, 2 hours and so on. You should also be aware that many parking garages have added charges for oversized vehicles. Many common vehicles fall into the oversized vehicle category i.e minivans and sport suvs. So do not be surprised to pay more for these types of vehicles. Yahoo maps and Google maps can help you find the closest parking garages to your destination. Once you locate a few potential parking garages, you can call for rates. Don't decide on a parking garage until you see the location. Keep in mind that not all parking garages are created equal, some parking garages will be safer than others. If safe parking takes precedence then the parking guidelines below will help you make the best parking garage decision: (a) parking garage should be well lighted (b) avoid parking garages with narrow single car entrances (c) Entrance and exit ramps should be free of parked cars, allowing easy access. (d) parking garage should be clean and well maintained (d) the bigger parking garage is better because it can handle more vehicles, and there is less chance of overcrowding.

    Once you have found a suitable parking garage always (1) walk around your vehicle with the parking attendant and inspect for damage. In a quality parking garage the parking attendant will automatically check your car and note any scratches or damage on the parking ticket. (2) Secure or remove valuables from the vehicle. (3) Inspect the vehicle after it was retrieved and inform the parking attendant if you spot any damages.


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