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Building The Ultimate Rear Bumper Guard

Parking Armor started as an idea and evolved into what you see here today, a quality rear bumper protector for the true car enthusiast. A true car enthusiast cares about their car's appearance. It’s not so much an infatuation, but a desire to take care of something that gives us pride and joy.

Designed by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts! Whether you park in a self park parking garage, outdoor parking facility, valet parking garage or on the street you can benefit from a Parking Armor car bumper protector. The Parking Armor was designed to shield your car bumper from the bumps and bruises often associated with parking. When you leave your car parked on the street anything can happen, “we were tired of all the dings, dents and scratches on our bumpers, so out of desperation and love for our cars we created ParkingArmor, the ultimate bumper protection for your vehicle!”

Bumper Boo Boos reminds us that we do not live in a vacuum. Each year we waste millions of dollars fixing bumper damage caused by reckless parking. ParkingArmor rear bumper guard is a simple way to help minimize your risk of parking related damage. After parking you simply remove Parking Armor from your trunk and allow it hang outside the rear bumper. It's that easy! Lets face it, parking is no easy task and often times we need to bump and shuffle into a parking spot. Without a bumper protector or spotter to help us into a parking space, most people rely on the touch and feel method. Stop worrying the next time you park. The Parking Armor bumper protector provides a cushioned barrier to minor parking bumps. Whether on the street or in the parking garage, the new Parking Armor is a premium product offering the most comprehensive car bumper protection anywhere.