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  • Wacky Bumper Protection Products

    New York is known as the fashion capital of the world and this holds true for bumper guards too. Bumper protectors are in vogue and the attached pictures show some wacky bumper guards caught on the streets of New York. With parking spots in short supply, people have come up with all kinds of clever ways of protecting their bumpers. All said, constructing your own bumper protector or bumper guard may be as simple as going to your local hardware store, buying some rope, a rubber sheet or carpet remnant.

    As long as you have some rope you can use almost anything for the bumper protector including....cardboard, bath towel, show mat etc. Kudos to all you bumper protection gurus who come up with ever creative ways of protecting bumpers. If you see any wacky bumper guards, door guards or bumper protection devices feel free to share your thoughts and pictures. Cheers.


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