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  • Parking Garages: Do I really need a Bumper Guard?

    Big cities like New York City have parking garage facilities just about every block. This may be looked at as a good thing, since street parking is more difficult to come by. If you drive a car into New York City you are almost forced to park in a parking garage, at a cost of upwards of $40 dollar for the day. We are captive audiences for the parking garages and we pay because we have no choice. In addition to high prices, parking garages also have a reputation for damaging cars - minor fender benders, door dings and scraps/scratches to the bumpers. Bumper guards and bumper protectors can help reduce the risk of unintended damage by blocking impacts and taking the abuse.

    A case in point is the wrap around style bumper guards that give your bumper 360degree bumper protection. Without a parking guard your car is at risk. I used to think like most people that giving the attendant a tip of $1 will ensure my cars safety. Boy was I wrong. At the time I was going to school in the City and commuting back and forth. By the time I finished school my car's bumper looked like swiss cheese, a gash here, a scratch there.


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