TRI-FLEX SYSTEM Three level sturcture gives the product flexibility to fit any shape bumper. Using gravity, it naturally curves around the bumper for a custom fit. A better fitting product covers more surface area
2" IMPACT FOAM 48" X 13" Protection Area: Parking armor is the biggest and thickest bumper gaurd out there. The larger surface area means it protects more of your buper
STEEL REINFORCED SRS STRAPS Steel cables run the strap length and can not be cut with conventional pliers scissors and razor blades
High visibility safety reflectors. Refleective material makes your vehicle more noticeable when parking at night. May also be used in emergency situations such as when changing a tire.

Cushions and keeps product from sliding during impacts.

Extra thick hi-density foam absorbs the impact and dissipates the shock throughout the product.

Product stores flat in the vehicle trunk to save space. It can also be rolled to resemble a yoga mat.

All weather materials are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Quickly attaches inside the trunk with velcro straps. Remove from the trunk and hang outside the bumper after you park. Place the product back inside the trunk before driving. (see warning)

Reflective material makes night time parking safer. May also be used in emergency situations such as when changing a tire.

Rear Bumper Protector Provides Attractive Protective Barrier
The solution? Rear car bumper protection by ParkingArmor. For the ultimate car bumper protection the Parking Armor rear bumper protector places 2” inches of thick foam between your car bumper and the car parked directly behind you. This protective barrier keeps protruding license plate bolts and frames from making direct contact with your car bumper. The ParkingArmor rear bumper guard will take the abuse, leaving your car bumper safe.

Superior Rear Bumper Protection – Size Matters
ParkingArmor rear bumper protector was designed to protect your parked car from low impact parking bumps that would normally scratch a car bumper. While there are many car bumper guard options, many of these products are to small and not thick enough to provide adequate rear bumper protection. As such, when designing the Parking Armor rear bumper protector we set out to develop a rear bumper guard that provides superior rear car bumper protection for your parked vehicle.

Perfect Rear Car Bumper Protection For Street or Parking Garage:
A quality rear car bumper protector can help protect a parked car from the bumps and bruises of parallel parking. The problem? Sharp screws and steel license plates can easily scratch and tear your rear bumper. The solution? ParkingArmor rear bumper guard is the perfect rear bumper protection. How does it work? A rear car bumper guard provides a physical barrier to stop parking bumps from making direct contact with the painted surface. Why ParkingArmor? It’s the biggest, thickest car bumper protection out there. Don’t settle for lesser quality car bumper protectors.

Rear Car Bumper Guards - A Must Have Accessory For Your Parked Car!
Finally, a rear car bumper guard designed with your car in mind. Our goal was to develop car bumper guard that would provide superior rear bumper protection for a parked car. The objective was to design a car bumper protector that would provide an energy absorbing barrier to minor parking bumps. Innovation, quality materials and ergonomic design have helped the ParkingArmor bumper protector evolve into one of the best rear car bumper protectors on the market. So, when it comes time to choosing a rear bumper guard, don’t settle for cheap quality plastic bumper guards or mat style car bumper protectors that offer little rear bumper protection. Get the #1 rear bumper guard for the best rear bumper protection.

Value Added Features Make Parking Armor Rear Bumper Protector #1

-Lightweight rear bumper guard with a 2” inch thick foam core

-Water proof, washable, outer covering

-Anti-theft steel reinforced straps

-FlexBody Structure For Superior Fit

-Waterproof straps will not absorb water

-Hi-Density Foam Core

-Anti-Slip Pads on Backside

Extra soft strap pads, dual impact pads on backside, Stores easily in trunks! Highly visible safety reflect.