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5 stars
Awesome Product
Reviewer: Mark W - 2009 Audi S8 (Brooklyn, NY)
Thanks for the great service. Your rear bumper protector deserves an A+. Before purchasing your bumper guard, I researched all the different car bumper protectors out there. Some of these bumper protectors were cheaper, but much smaller. Decided to go with the more expensive ParkingArmor bumper guard after my neighbor bought one. Worth every penny!
4.5 stars
Well worth it!
Reviewer: Matt F - 2006 Lexus LS400 (Brooklyn, NY)
Wow, the ParkingArmor rear bumper protector saved my bumper last night!!! You have a believer!!!!
4 stars
A++++++++++++ product.
Reviewer: Allison R - 2008 Lexus ES 330 (Bronx, NY)
Your car bumper guard fits my new Honda Accord like a glove and covers most of the rear bumper. The other day, I came back to my parked car only to find that the car behind me was pressed into my bumper protector…could have been my bumper. Your bumper guard saved my car. There was absolutely no mark on the bumper. Wished it would wrap around the car, but no complaints.
5 stars
Well worth it!
Reviewer: Thomas Z - 2010 Porsche Cayenne (NYC, NY)
Yesterday, the parking garage attendant brings out my car and there's a f***ing gash in the bumper. I was so pissed and could not believe this just happened to me. A close friend recommended that I try your new ParkingArmor car bumper protector. I kick myself for not purchasing a bumper guard sooner. More expensive than some other bumper protectors, but worth it! Much better than those plastic mats! Thanks Again!
5 stars
Wow, Just WOW!
Reviewer: Matt F - 2011 Lexus LS430 (Brooklyn, NY)
Wow, the ParkingArmor rear bumper protector saved my bumper last night!!! You have a believer!!!!
5 stars
This is the ultimate bumper protector!
Reviewer: Jean B - 2008 Mercedes S550 (Manhattan, NY)
Before the ParkingArmor bumper protector I had a floor mat style rear bumper protector. No comparison. When I received my new Parking Armor I was like wow, this thing is big. Covers most on my car bumper and fits perfectly. I just ordered one for my brother. Thanks for making a great product. Will recommend.
5 stars
Fantastic product!!!!!!!.
Reviewer: Judy C - 2010 Toyota Camry (Washington, DC)
The ParkingArmor rear bumper guard fits my MB e-550 like a glove. Especially, like the reflector - nice touch.
5 stars
Money Well Spent!
Reviewer: Bobby G - 2011 BMW 335xi (Brooklyn, NY)
Excellentttttttttttttttttttttttttt Prod. I live in Brooklyn where cars are constantly bumping you. I purchased the Parking Armor for my brand new 3-series coupe. Very satisfied!!!! Money Well Spent.